Thursday, June 3, 2010

our newest addition..

So I've been bad about blogging lately.. mainly because of our new little buddy-

It (a dog) seemed like the cool thing to get on blogs lately so I had to join in the fun.. I've always been one to give in to peer pressure (not)!

Meet Titus our 2 year old pug we saved off of craigslist :)
Okay we actually paid for him.. but I like to think we saved him because he lived with obese elderly people who didn't give him any exercise (they only had had him a month) in a smokey dirty apartment (no offense if that describes your place..I'm not hatin'). Before that he was at the breeders house with tons of other pugs and a daycare and didn't get enough attention or proper care there either.
So now he is spoiled rotten!
He is the biggest pug I've ever seen and weighs 28 pounds with most pugs weighing 12-18lbs.. he needs to lose 1 or 2 the vet said but he is very tall and long which I like because I've always been more of a big dog person!

He is SUCH a good boy and very quiet for a pug. His dad was a "champion" and he came with papers (not that it matters).. he doesn't shed which is amazing because fawn pugs (before him were my preferred color preference) shed a ton (I guess some black pugs get one less layer of fur and we got lucky)!
He doesn't chew and doesn't bark unless someone knocks.. he isn't a piggy and just takes a few bites of his dog food and then leaves it for the day..

His only vice is that he is a little over socialized and doesn't know what a "personal bubble" is! He whines if I don't let him come sit next to me when I'm on the toilet which is hard for me to get used to but I guess I should for when I have kids! He hasn't been left alone much so I think that is helping teach him some independence and he doesn't mind being in his crate.

We love him a whole lot and think we got a slammin' deal on this little guy :)
Now we're going to get rid of our lizard because we have too many pets and she is the weakest link..
In other news my horse was pregnant with twins (dang she is fertile) and they had to abort one because if they didn't neither would survive:(
Soooo now we're hoping that the other baby wasn't "nicked" and the vet can find a heartbeat next Friday when the baby is 25 days old. I guess it's so small she could "absorb" it along with the aborted one.. Then if the baby is okay it's smooth sailing.. or if it didn't make it she gets to go spend some more time with the stallion for free until she's preggers!
I was a little bit down yesterday because it's costing a lot more then we thought with the vet bills and the great deal I was getting isn't as great anymore with this little complication. Oh well she's worth it and so will be that little foal next May!

Wow if you don't like animals I'm sure you did not like this post! Sorry besides nannying this dog and horse have been my life lately..along with reading this book-

haha! I'm learning so much and am determined to have the best trained pug on the block! Well have a great night. Can you believe it's already June?!


  1. i'm excited that you got a dog! you and race look so happy. josh and i really really want to see you and meet all of your animals :)

  2. OMG OMG OMG!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! Happy Friday! Have a great sunny weekend!

  3. ZOMG IT'S A BLACK PUG!!!!!!!! ZOMG!!!!

    What. A. Doll.

    Black pugs shed WAY less than the fawns. Molly always manages to escape shaving in the summer (A. Because she barely sheds and B. I think she would poop in our shoes if we tried)

    Enjoy him.


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