Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Five

Hello everyone! My top five favorite things to far this week are:

1. Titus (our new pug) lost 1.6 pounds in 5 days! I've been walking him a ton and giving him weight management food. Only 2 more pounds to go until he's a stud! :) I now brush his teeth everyday and clean his ears, he is a spoiled little dog now! Okay this is probably too much information but can you believe this- Race took him out at 10:30 last night to go potty, I took him out at 8:30 and 12 today and he wouldn't go.. I had to go watch some kiddos so I locked him in his crate afraid he might have an accident.. then at 4 I took him out and he finally went!! I don't really like sharing dumb stuff like this but I'm just so impressed a small little dog can hold his bladder like 17 hours! Heck I go at least every 2 hours.. and if I've had diet coke it's like every 20 minutes! okay no more of that type of info I promise..

2. I got to see the baby on my horse's ultrasound and next week I'll get to hear the heartbeat!

3. Our apartment's pool is open!! And the forecast in Oregon starting Saturday is 80+degrees for like the next month with no sign of rain!! I hope that is true.

4. Today I did a workout class at Bally's called "Powerflex" that rocked me and I know I'll be sore tomorrow! Then I walked Titus for an hour and am really proud of how much his endurance has built up!

5. Tomorrow is FRIDAY and I don't have work!! Besides babysitting at night..

Oh I'm going to add a number 6 because I just thought of something exciting-

6. We planned our one year anniversary weekend trip and I'm super pumped!! I can't believe I've been married 11 months on Sunday.. this has been the fastest year of my life!
I love weddings. I'm so happy to see our fridge getting full of wedding invites stuck on it! We have a fun summer coming up and almost every weekend starting July 9th we have something planned! Nothing huge, but lots of camping trips and stuff with friends and family!

Well it's game time. GOOOO CELTICS!!


  1. you're so cute....just like a new parent telling all the little minute details about their baby :). i love it!

    and i want to come bask by your pool with you some day so let's plan it! i'm free next tuesday, but i don't know if you are.

    oh...and this is the one and only time i'll agree with you about wanting the celtics to win...only because i hate the lakers just a smidge more :).

    happy week friend!

  2. HOORAY FOR THE POOL FINALLY BEING OPEN! i love that day! haha.
    how cool that you got to see a baby horse on ultrasound. that is awesome!

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