Friday, February 4, 2011

Pictures to catch up the last 7 months!

So I tend to be really wordy and have a hard time being concise so I'm thinking I'll let photos speak for my absence :)

Last June Race "walked" he actually graduated in Dec. '09 though

I got to ride my favorite animal at wildlife safari! Now I want to ride one on my own and run on the beach or across the desert! At Christmas a guy brought one to our church and I went home and researched all about owning one. Someday I will just you wait!

This is Moses who came to our church. He fell in a sinkhole and it made national news! haha

 4th of July Jet boats on the Willamette River in downtown Portland
We were right under the fireworks!
Only in Portland. These people were hilarious!

Race and I went to the beach for our 1 year anniversary!

We went to a sweet hat shop

My cousin had a beautiful baby- Leila Mae

 My sister and I took my horse swimming :) I love their matching facial expressions!

Bella lives at an awesome place with a fun pond to swim in with water slides, rope swings, etc.

We went to a family camp with my church and these waterfalls are slides and so much fun!

My sis and I and our tall men!

Lady GaGa concert with my friend Beth!

 Shooting water ballons at jr. highers
Cassie, Hailey, and I at jr. high camp

"Ghost-riding" in the Alvord desert!

My truck was in neutral driving itself! It was pretty epic.

Hiking at my uncle's ranch

at the waterfall

Riding at the ranch

They were behind us on the drive down from the mountain and "ate our dust!"

Target practice!
Visiting Beth in Seattle

the gum wall yummy!


 Christmas Card.. it was freezing out and I used my tripod and kept running
back and forth! Late I remembered I have a remote for my camera.. whoops!

Our first Christmas card :) didn't get around to it our first year of marriage..

Christmas dessert at church with my mom
We were matching on accident! haha

Christmas in our apartment-

 This was such a pretty noble!

 I got these pearls and love them!

 My Pottery Barn loves! My main Christmas decoration purchase this year. Last year I got most of the stuff I have the day after Christmas.

I love this gal. I wish I'd gotten the big version too!

My favorite and the most important part of Christmas!

Stockings my grandma made. Mine was from when I was born and Race got his when we got engaged. These are great because they can stretch and hold so much stuff! I'm hoping next year we'll have our own house and a fireplace to hang them from :)

Well there was my lengthy picture catch up if anyone is still looking! I'm going to try and update more often because this took awhile!
I had a great last year and love being married, love nannying, love my church, family, and friends! I am SO incredibly blessed :)

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