Monday, February 7, 2011

pug love.

I love my pug Titus. He brings me so much happiness! The best craigslist dog ever! Here are two photos I took of him when he was being cute the other night-

Needless to say this was my favorite Superbowl commercial :)

Just like Titus. Food is all pugs think about. And we don 't even give him people food. The holidays were rough.. he broke into soooo many cookies and candy! He learned how to jump from his kennel to the kitchen counter when we're gone so now I have to "Titus-proof" the house every time I leave. He's a a naughty one but so easy to forgive :)

Here is Titus being scared by the "blanket monster" one day I was itching my leg under the blanket and he freaked out thinking there was something alive! So we've been messing with him ever since.

Tonight he let out a bark (he rarely does) and so Race (my husband) started barking back at him and they barked back and forth at each other! Titus was kind of scared/intrigued! I filmed it but Race just had on boxers so I probably shouldn't post it.. maybe we can recreate it and he can be wearing more clothes! haha

I better hit the hay.


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