Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!

Thanks to me back in August 1986 my mom can even celebrate this day! So I should get some credit too right? I made this day possible for her! haha

I am SO thankful for my mom and her selflessness. She is the most generous person I know and has a true servant's heart! I love you mom!

Race and I met our mom's at our church and then got lunch at Claim Jumper. It was a gorgeous day so Race, my mom (my dad and sister were on a college retreat boating at Lake Shasta California) and I took the dog on a walk along the river and then we went to a self serve frozen yogurt place. It was nice spending Mother's Day with my mom after having been at Shasta the last 3 years of college!

I had an eventful Saturday at my relatives farm and will share photos tomorrow but for now here are some fun Chuck E. Cheese photos we got at our nephew's 7th birthday party a few weeks back-

Race, the birthday boy and I. It was really hard to get him to sit still for this photo with all the games around! We asked him if he'd do it with us and he said "no thanks" Race just kind of made him:)
He came for a sleepover after the party which was fun!

Race's cousin Jacinda, Race's bro Aaron,
Race and I

We obviously enjoyed spending our tokens on this one:) It acts like Chuck is "sketching" you when in reality we decided it has a really old printer that takes forever to spit them out!

Race and I went and looked at 2 "fixer-up" houses tonight on our way home from my parent's! I knew the street they were on so we gave ourselves a little self guided tour and peeked in the windows. They have big lots and are on the river which is super fun! I don't know if we can swing it, but it'd be SO nice to be putting money into something every month instead of seeing it disappear going into this apartment! Most importantly we would have a yard and could get a dog:) We love pugs but if we were on the river I'm thinking we'd need a water lovin' dog and I don't know if they are! So that's something were looking into and praying about. Race is going to make some calls tomorrow and see if we could even qualify for the loan we'd need. Now is definitely the right time to buy! I think it'd be fun to have a "fixer-up" for a first home too because it'll make us appreciate it and when we have a nicer one someday!

Alright we're going to finish a hilarious movie we started last night -Raising Arizona

Hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful day and felt loved! :)


  1. Oh. My. Gosh! I used to LOVE Chuck E. Cheese when I was a kid!

  2. aw!! that photo of you and your mom is too sweet!!
    CHUCKECHEESE PHOTOBOOTH PHOTOS ARE MY FAVE!! oh goodness i used to spend all my tickets there! how fun!!


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