Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two things I love around my apartment!

Hello! I need to go to bed but wanted to post two things I like around my house and hook up with one of my favorite blogs before she stops doing it for a while! So head on over to BacWoods Fern if you want to see other blogs who played!

So I have a thing for camels..
Got this guy at flea market for $4 the other day! haha I talked her down from $5- SUCCESS! I get nervous bartering when my mom is the opposite! She returns her seven for all mankind jeans to Nordstroms all the time for the knees getting "fuzzy" and they give her a new pair! I remember when we used to eat at Round Table pizza a lot when I was little and if the pizza was messed up she'd let them know and we'd get it free:) When we went to lunch on Sunday for Mother's Day Race and I beat her to the restaurant and she said she'd made reservations (it was packed) so we asked and we weren't on the list. Race right away said "your mom will take care of this." He knows her so well already and yes we were seated right away! I think it's the 12.5% Jew in her:) I like to think I'm related to Jesus (he was Jewish).. even if it's only by 6%.. I also consider myself African since we have relatives in South Africa and some that came over here from there! haha other then that I'm boring old British.. and Scottish. At what point should kids just say they're American? For so many people they've been here for so long! My Grandma came over from England so I guess mine isn't too far back..

I love this bell SO much! I got it for my mom at a vintage store for her preschool to let the kids take turns ringing when it's time to come inside.. and although she loved it, it proved to be too hard for their tiny little fingers to grasp onto.. so I went back to the flea market from where I rescued the camel and got one just like this for her-
it's a lot easier for the kids and now I have the pretty bell on top of my bookshelf! A win, win situation in my opinion:)
Maybe I should start collecting bells? Maybe not. At least until we have more space! I have too much stuff as it is.

Before I leave you I must announce that today I fell in love..
with this-

I looked at my "light" yogurt and guess what?! It had more sugar then this ice cream! I had one of the little mini cup versions (Albertsons is selling them for $1) and it had 180 calories and was like a cups worth and was SO good! So I guess I should start eating this instead of yogurt from now on... not.. but it's a great little treat and a switch from eating a popsicle every night as I've gotten in the habit of doing! Last night while eating my strawberry popsicle my bunny decided to join in on the fun-
Sorry it's blurry but I was like "quick! Race you have to document this!" I then had him take a video. Gizmo ate the whole corner off and it made my night. He is finally becoming more tame hooray!

I'm pretty pumped that Portland's 7 day forecast is like 68-78 degrees (is there no degrees key?!)! Bring on the dresses and shorts! I'm SO ready for warm weather and want it to stay although I'm sure this is just a teaser..

Alrighty goodnight blog world!


  1. yum! i love dryers 1/2 calorie ice creams. i think they taste just as good....except for the thin mint girl scout kind. the low calorie one is gross.

    love your cute camel and the bell! let's go thrifting soon! are you free next tuesday at all? let me know!

  2. your story about being jewish was great... my dad is jewish by birth (all generations of women in his family were born jewish) and when we found out i was so excited - i always wanted to be a messianic jew - i traveled to israel ten years ago and fell in love.... awww.
    okay, back to the two things - cute cute and thanks so much for playing along!


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