Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My weekend with a lot of photos!

Heyheyhey! I just watched Glee which always leaves me in a good mood:) Especially since my hubby has given in and started watching it with me..and even laughing and liking it!
I can't believe this day is almost over. I feel like my life has started going by faster ever since I finished school and got married last summer. It's crazy how fast it feels now!

Last Thursday my work got cancelled (the little girl I was supposed to watch got pneumonia) so I went down to Corvallis (my college town) with my mom to surprise and visit my little sis!
We went on a hike at one of my favorite spots, Bald Hill.

Love these two!
Cute lil' lambies!

At the top of the hill looking down at Corvallis

It was a fun day and we ate at McMenamins and then we went to a frozen yogurt place where you put on your favorite toppings- sooo good! My mom and I drove home afterwards (it's about an hour and twenty minutes back up to Portland).
Here is the cute house next door to my college house-

Love all the flowers.

Here is the house I lived in the last 2 years of school and now my sister and her friend's do! It's in the historic district and there are a ton of old cute houses around it.

Friday night Race and I went to Red Robins and then we watched Bambi which he didn't remember that the mom deer dies.. I've been stocking up and buying all my favorite classic Disney movies for when we have kids one day:) I love the word in Bambi- twitterpated and I think I'm going to start incorporating that into my everyday speech..

On Saturday I took my mare to go stay with a stallion for a month to get pregnant!!
He is such a cute little quarter horse!


Here are some of his kiddos-

Here is his dad so it'll be the foal's grandpa-

Horse people like butt shots:)
 He has cute foals and he is homozygous black meaning he will not throw "red" foals but I'll get a grulla, buckskin, or black! :) I miss Bella and hope she does well! I'm hoping to go visit this weekend. Anyways in 11 months I'll have a little baby and I can't wait!

Then we went to hang with our buds Cassie and Mike and tried out a new McMenamins by their house called "Hotel Oregon" now we have been to 11 out of 57, one more checked off!
We ate on the roof!!

I love Cassie! You may notice that there's no one else up here.. everyone else ate inside because although it looks nice out don't be fooled it was windy and cold but we roughed it! We had fun wandering around aterwards trying to decide what to do and ended up at walmart and other various sites before going back to their house and watching Sherlock Holmes.

Then they gave us their son's gecko-

Meet Echo the gecko! She is super cute and didn't get along with their other gecko (I guess they like living alone best). I hope she warms up to us because she still seems kinda shy..even after we spent a ton of money on her "accessories" which I wasn't planning on.. so she better start being appreciative and earn her keep!

Well that was a ton of photos and info so I bet nobody's even reading down this far, but it you are, thanks for baring with me! I need to learn how to condense my thoughts.. I also didn't edit most of the photos so sorry for the quality of some:)

BED TIME!!! Goodnight!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm sure your sis loved her surprise!

  2. What beautiful photos. They make me want to get outside! And that house you used to live in is just adorable!

  3. that is so cool that you got a gecko! and so neat that your hourse is preggo! (or soon to be!) how exciting! you should totally get a puppy! it is not too hard having him in our apartment! we are crate training him right now, and i don't dare let him run around the house without me watching him! he loves to chew on everything. we are going to put him in our backyard when he gets a little bigger. we actually have a little backyard at our apartment! (we live in a duplex) but we just need to fence in one side and he should be good to go out there! i think if you get into a house though you should totally get one though! :)

  4. i read all the way to the bottom :). sounds like a fun weekend and you guys really are brave for eating out in the cold. if you ever want a buddy for an impromptu corvallis trip feel free to ask...i always love going back there :).

  5. Thanks for your comment!!
    That's great!! Sounds like you had a god time!!
    Love the horses!!! They are one of my favorite animals!!

  6. i love when you get a free day all the sudden! ALL THE POSSIBILITIES!

    surprise visits are always the best!

    those horses are so pretty!

    and echo the gecko is probably the COOLEST name ever!!!

    p.s. GLEE! so great!


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