Thursday, May 13, 2010

My 5 favorites of this week so far!

It's time for Thursday Five..where we post..
5 things that have made us..
or just plain
this week..

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1. I had a blast going to my aunt and uncle's farm on Saturday (which is probably considered last week but oh well!)

Gizmo came with us and first he got a bath. :)

There were baby kittens!

Too bad that can't stay this size! I love kittens but am not a big fan of cats.. at least indoor ones, barn cats are great!

We bottle fed baby goats whose mama died! They have like 15 baby goats and 19 baby sheep! Soo cute and playful!

We took Race's graduation pics for an announcement and loved on our bunny!

Their vineyard is growing away!

Their beautiful house that they just moved into.
My aunt made a great dinner and Race and I hung around until late at night! Next time were bringing gear to spend the night since it's such a fun place to hang and 40 minutes away.

2. Spending a lovely Mother's Day with my mom and my new mother-in-law!

3. Sneaking into the neighbor apartment's hot tub with Race because ours has been in "maintenance" for like 2 weeks now! Shesh hurry it up! We had a push up contest next to the hot tub and he beat me by 2 when I really thought I had it in the bag! Something to work towards. :)

4. On that note another thing that makes me happy is that I've been exercising pretty consistently and eating healthier hooray!

5. Okay so today was the warmest day in Oregon yet this year and I took full advantage of it! I nannied some little girls all day and we had a picnic with our bunnies outside. When I was done Race and I headed downtown with his best bud and walked around Portland and saw the hubble movie I didn't end up seeing a few weeks back (I posted that I was going to see it)
It was at OMSI (Oregon museum of science and industry) which has a giant dome Imax theatre that makes it feel like you're actually there!

Here is a google image I found of omsi and the submarine that you can tour! It's a fun place and you should visit it if you ever come to Portland.
Anyways after the movie we walked around Hawthorne and I got sushi for the first time and it was WAY too salty..then we got Ben and Jerry's ice cream and used an Entertainment book coupon!

Anyways it's been such a great week and I could probably list 5 more things! My favorite thing of all is that my mare is finally "in-heat" and she has been getting "covered" by the stallion everyday!! Yay! I'm just praying she gets preggo right away because we probably can't afford to try again..

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!


  1. oh my goodness!!!
    that third picture is the cutest!
    its making me wish i had a pet!
    their house is so gorgeous!!
    and has such a great yard!
    i miss having a yard!!

  2. OMG! Love that bunny!! And those kittens!! they melted my heart!!
    I'm glad you had such a great time!

  3. OHMYGOSH! I love those kittens! Im a total cat lady :)

  4. I think its hilarious that you gave your bunny a bath!

  5. i LOVE kittens!! and those ones are especially cute:) but the picture of the bunny that had just taken a bath made me laugh out loud. hilarious! he does not look amused! :)


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