Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ba ba ba blanks!

Good morning!
Last night we were supposed to hang out with some friends but he ended up having to catch up on school work so it was just Race and I for the night. He really wanted to beat some video game before he has to return it today to the guy who loaned it to him anyways.
Finally at around 7:30 I was itching to get dinner and we went through all our coupons and decided on the fine dining establishment of Shari's! At our first apartment they gave us coupons for 2 free drinks and 2 free pieces of pie and we've never used them.
We were laughing and having fun noticing how dead the place is on a Friday night when most other restaurants are hopping! Then dun dun daaaa I felt my eyes go blurry and tunnel vision kicking in which could only mean one thing- I was getting a Migraine! I swear the bright low hanging chandelier in front of my face did it! The lights started bothering me so much that I went and sat in the car while Race paid and picked out our pie to go. We got home and I went straight to bed with an ice pack at 9pm! The earliest I've gone to bed in probably 3 years. I of course got up twice in 2 hours to get rid of the 2 diet cokes I drank and saw Race playing his video game on the Lovesac... I think he's probably secretly happy I got it so he could play games instead of watching a movie with me.. haha! He was sweet and tried massaging my temples in bed but I just wanted to try and sleep! Well I got 10 hours of sleep which is too much and I hope I'm not groggy. But now I can go to an 8:30am cardio class, have pie for breakfast, and meet with a friend at 11:30. Then we have a Chuckee Cheese birthday party to attend and our 7 year old nephew spending the night.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday! I'm going to catch up on some blanks I missed yesterday now..

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1. The first thing I do in the morning is go to the bathroom and free up my bladder.

2. Every night before bed I turn on our tower fan, fold the blanket on the end of the bed so it's completely on top of my feet (I like a lot of weight on them), and then Race and I take turns praying out loud together>/u>.

3. My favorite thing to do when I'm having a bad day is go shopping, eat chocolate, read magazines (I subscribe to like 8), catch up on tv shows...I wish my answer was like run 7 miles to get a "runner's high"..but I don't think that exists, at least not for me, I just feel like death afterwards. I like walking, very slow jogging and cardio classes though:)

4. Something that makes me cringe is when the man in the apartment underneath me screams at his kids, and when he or his girlfriend smoke on their porch every 15 minutes and we can't open our sliding door or it'll waft in.

5. Social situations energize me. I thrive off being with people.. I don't do well with lots of alone time.

6. I like to collect pug stuff for Race..bird stuff, picture frames, dvds.

7. Weekends are for relaxing, reading, catching up on tv shows, eating out, baking, seeing friends, riding my horse, going to church, sometimes babysitting, and spending lots of time with my hubsters!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!


  1. i'm totally with you on #1. stupid tiny bladder.

  2. oh shari's....glad you got to enjoy your pie for breakfast. that sounds delicious.

    i like shopping when i'm having a bad day too. i wish that wasn't the case sometimes, but it's just so theraputic!

    hope you guys are having a good sunday!

  3. haha free up your bladder.. thats so great! and so true!!
    ahh shopping, chocolate, and magazines = perfection!
    hope your weekend is going wonderfully!!


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