Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter family photos

Race and I celebrated Easter a week early with the big easter party we helped out at and took home a bunny from..
On Easter we went to church with my fam and met in my church's new building (warehouse) for the first time!
Race and my dad have been putting a lot of hours in working there and are there right now at 10:30pm as I type this!

It's amazing how this warehouse transformed in 3 weeks! A miracle really, praise God!
It's nice that our church has a place to meet with more freedom now.. we've been meeting in a middle school for 12 years (I've gone for 7 years) and now with more space my pastor can cut back from 3 services to 2.. for now that is! Here is the wonderful sermon we heard if anyone wants to listen- ACCF April 4th John 20 you won't be disappointed:)

After church we went to Claim Jumper with my family which is one of my favorite chain resturaunts. If you haven't ever been to one you should go! Their salads and motherload chocolate cake are divine!

After that we took some family photos on our porch and relaxed the rest of the day. Race and I just joined a gym (Bally's) and we went to use it and it was closed! So I talked him into trying out a Jillian workout video with me which was fun and I'm happy to say it made him sore:)

Family (minus Bella) photos-

My mom got us an Easter basket! Giftcards, a dvd, and tons of candy, she's the best! I thought being married it might be the first year without one and I'm glad I thought wrong:) My mom is a spoiler and I know she'll be the BEST grandma ever someday! I got Race some shoes, boardshorts, and a magazine subscription he really wanted... I use any holiday as an excuse to get him gifts!

I was so proud of him for staying in the basket!
Awkward. I can't do serious but Race always thinks they'll be hilarious to try!
Has anyone ever been on this website? Race found it several months back and it cracks me up!

I had my camera on a tripod and Race got me this hand held remote that I constantly forget to hide as you can see here:) Whoops a daisy!
We love Gizmo!
Today I got him a harness, leave on shampoo, and a carrier. The harness looks so cute on him but it is going to take some work for him to get used to. He is  super fisty!

Bad news bears- I lost my cell phone today. I really hope it turns up. It's nothing special but I feel naked without it and don't want to have to get a new number. AND my contract is almost (July) up with dumb tmobile and I can't wait to switch providers! UGH. If you see it let me know. It's green and extremely beat up with a picture of a bunny as the background.

The girls I babysit got a bunny from the same party and we like to have play dates when I watch them-

Carly and "Race" (named after my husband, what a good mom to let her keep the name:) on the lovesac!

Kenna the bunny whisperer!

Isn't she cute?! Started walking this weekend hooray!
I love these girls and it's such good practice for me for when I have my own!

Well Race just got home so I need to give him my full attention! 

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  1. oh! so cute. love love the pictures. :) your blog is so adorable- count me in as a new follower!


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