Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I feel clean.

I'm home and showered! I always feel like I get extra dirty with these three kiddos..maybe it's a combination of playing in their sand table, lollipop sticky faces, a smelly old dog all up in my buisness, and snot noses rubbing against me.. but I love them:)

Here they are-

Quinn 3, Macky 4
although she's the same size and more aggressive :)
They have a big house and big yard that would be perfect for a pool!

The oldest one doesn't find taking pictures as fun as these two who were quite amused by it. This poor bulldog Blanche is getting old and had ringworm so she has bald spots all over that bleed! Ewww sorry if that was too much information.. I will spare you by not showing the close ups of these sores that the kids took when they got my cam!

Their living room is so cool I had to show you!
She is a great decorator and each room is incredible.
I love these lamps and wish they were mine. Mainly because they look like tripods and I love tripods!

That is all for now ta ta!

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