Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Weekend

I had a great weekend! Especially since it was non-stop sunshine! It's crazy to see how happy it makes Oregonians.. everywhere you go people just seem to be in a great mood when it's sunny in the winter here! Too bad it's coming to an end on Tuesday and then we could possibly have 3 months of doom and gloom (rain)..

Friday night I babysat for a couple who said they haven't been out to dinner in 2 years because of having kids! They were so appreciative and payed me so well that I think I'll start prioritzing them when it comes to date nights (I get asked by a ton of people for every weekend)! Then I came home and Race's brother and friend were here and we watched the Olympics for quite a while.

Saturday I went thrifting with my friend Lauren and I took some pics to show you what I got..

This is a horrible picture but this vase-

These reindeer candle holders for next Christmas
I got a ton of Christmas stuff after Christmas this year for like 75-90% off at Pier One, Michaels, and online. So now I'm really pumped fpr next November when I can put them all up:)

A Christmas wreath with an ugly bow thing hanging down that needs to be chopped off!
Some more reindeer (my favorite xmas theme) that Lauren was going to get and spray paint silver but put them back and I got them, and want to copy her idea and spray paint them silver or that dark bronze color.
This hilarious horse necklace that I couldn't decide if I liked or not.. it has a nice long chain and was only 1.95 so I got it. Race made fun of it when I wore it last night.. so that made me want to like it more of course!

I also got a white hoodie that is in the dryer right now.

All that for $22! Red, White, and Blue is my new love and thank you Lauren for showing me!

Last night we celebrated my sister's bithday and tomorrow I'm taking her out to breakfast (for her actual birthday). This morning we went to church and it was excellent! I get so refreshed going Sundays and look forward to Wednesday nights which is like a pick-me-up in the middle of the week.
We went to costco for lunch and it's fun because we are starting to get to know the sample people and had a good 5 minute convo with one of them and as we left he said "see you next weekend!" haha I've always wanted someone to know me at a store.. I always pictured a coffee shop, but I guess Costco makes more sense with how much we go there!
We ran into friends from our home-group there and ended up eating lunch with them which was fun!
I got 2 wonderful purchases-

And my all time favorite movie in bluray! I already had it on dvd, but it had a coupon on the front for 10$ off if you already have it so that's pretty sweet and I'll just sell the one I already have.. I can't wait to see how it looks on our tv!

I hope I have sweet dreams of William Wallace tonight:) mmmhmmm!

I rode my horse today and it was amazing!
Here we are at the beach several years back-

Here is Race on her in Corvallis 3 years ago when we had snow!

I love Bella and am so thankful for her:) I need to post a more recent photo! My goal is to breed her within the next year and raise and break her baby!  

I've really, really been missing my mini horse PopEye who I had to sell a year ago. Biggest mistake of my life and I want to buy him back! haha
Here we are as shepherd's in a manger scene.. we did it 3 or 4 years in a row at our old church!
In high school I put him in the back of the suburban and to a lacrosse game! I also brought him into the high school for my senior project and thankfully he held his bowels:)
Now I miss him more... bad idea posting pics!

Race and I went to our home-group tonight which I'm loving because it's about 11 couples who have been married for less then 5 years and don't have kids yet so it's fun being with people we have so much in common with!
Yay USA leading the medal count!! And yay for our underdog and unfavored young hockey team beating Canada! Although I did feel a little bad..
I'm watching the news and they're saying we could have a record low of 28 degrees in the morning! Whew! Glad Bella has her blankie on and that I have a roof over my head!

This ended up being really long.. but hopefully the photos helped:)
Have a great Monday!


  1. Glad you had a good weekend. Seeing all your cute finds again made me second guess not getting those little gold deer. Haha. They're so cute. I'm glad you got them though so I don't turn into a crazy tchotchke lady :).

    Hope you have a good day!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!
    Your little pony was so cute! I hate the feeling when you miss something so bad but you can't get it back.


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