Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunshine in Oregon is my friend.

The past two days have been SOO beautiful here! I feel like February always has a nice week or two around my sister's birthday every year! I haven't been able to ride my horse.. but today when Race and I went to watch these kids during a Bible study we went a few minutes early to give Bella grain (she lives at the place we go watch the kids Thursday mornings). It was cute because there were about 7 horses laying down together and just enjoying the sun! I went and sat on one while Bella was eating and Race decided to jump up on one the standing ones. It made me jealous and annoyed that he could get up there so easily! I could if I really wanted to but it was like effortless for him to swing on up a bareback horse! I guess that's one thing he'll always one up in with horses, but hopefully nothing else!

We had fun with the kiddos. It was a small group today so we played "500" with a frisbee, jumped in the foam pit, did lots of jump roping, and visited the baby goats. Race's job is part time right now as they train him to become their salesman, so Thursdays he watches kids with me in the morning and then works construction at his mom's house. Tuesdays he works in my dad's office. He's just about done with his mom's house so if anyone wants any labor on Thursdays give him a call! ha ha!

I then watched my friend Dana's precious girls (my flower girls) who I always have a ball with. We went on a walk (well I was walking while they biked and scootered.. it was really hard to keep up) and Lexi was ahead on the scooter and I walked by an old (75ish to clarify since my mom gets mad when I call 50 old now) woman in her yard who told me I had a very polite daughter! Lexi must have said hello and been sweet (I have no doubt about that) but I was a little offended that she thought I was old enough to have an 8 year old! Let's see I woulda had to have gotten knocked up at 14! No thank you. I'll take it as a compliment since Lexi is so beautiful!

Ashli, Race, and Lexi camping this summer!

Well I've been writing way too long of posts and probably nobody wants to waste that much time reading (although not going to lie I waste a ton of time reading other people's lengthy blogs) so I'm keeping this short and sweet! I actually have a tv show starting so that's part of my motive in ending this:) We just got basic stations last night and they're free! We plugged a cord into the wall and wa la 1080p on our new tv:)

I'm excited for this weekend to go “thrifting” with my friend Lauren then celebrate my sister's birthday and on Sunday after church I get to see one of my bff's Chelsea and then home-group! Whew! I love fun weekends involving friends and family ...they're the best!! Okay now to my guilty pleasure the last 5 years- Grey's Anatomy I'm embarrassed to admit!

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  1. yay for the sun! whenever the sun comes out i always think of charis and sitting out on the front lawn :).

    i'm excited for thrifting saturday. i was thinking maybe we should go around 11'ish? let me know what you think!


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