Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On a rainy Wednesday

Today was great. I watched the most adorable little boy adopted from Columbia. I'm really envious of his tan skin. He and his two adopted siblings make me want to adopt. I've always wanted to.. but they seal the deal:) We went to the dollar store and bought bubbles and then went and played with them at the park. I love it when there's a few stragglers that fly up really high and don't pop for a while. I think I was just as entertained as him. Well not quite.. he was begging me to let him skip preschool and I guess maybe I could have let him if I really wanted to play bubbles the rest of the day.. needless to say I didn't! The boy needs to learn his abc's so he can get his Nintendo ds and I don't want to hinder that!

Race and I went to Fuddruckers with my parents before church tonight. They are so generous to us, and I'm excited to start treating them one day:) It was delicious. I had a buffalo burger and I think they're leaner but I felt kind of guilty because they're so cute and there arn't many left in the wild! Pretty sure this was probably a farm bred one for eating though. The barn I used to keep my horse at had two buffalo and my horse was scared to death of them. I didn't really blame her though because one of them had this gross googly eye that kinda hung out..

Church was wonderful and humbling.
I did get a little discouraged because afterwards we talked to our friends who lived in these apartments for 3 months last summer and had to break their contract it was so bad in the summer.. it turns out they lived in the same building as us, actually the apartment right across from us on the 3rd floor! Race and I love it here so far but summer could be different. The two apartments under us smoke on their deck constantly and it drives us nuts! They said in the summer it gets really hot so you want to open your porch's sliding door and the windows, but then the smoke seeps in! Ick! Race went down yesterday and asked them to stop smoking with the bathroom fan on because then it comes into our bathroom when our fan is on (which she didn't believe, but agreed to start keeping the bathroom door closed).

Ugh. I'm super sensitive to smoke. I loooove this apartment and don't think we'll be able to get a house yet in June, so I'm going to start praying that they quit smoking.. or move! Hey it worked for pastor Brett and his neighbors (they moved after he prayed a lot)!! haha or maybe we'll find a slammin deal and be able to get a house?? Aww the power of prayer! I'm not going to worry about it now. I'm not a worrier or stresser so it feels weird venting about this. I wish I did stress a little more sometimes and I might have gotten better grades in college:) but whatever grades seem to not matter what so ever now and B's (okay and some C's) gave me a much "funner" 4 years!

I love the Olympics. We were just watching this speed skating relay event and poor South Korea thought they had the gold and got it taken away. At least that gave the USA a bronze although they totally didn't deserve it they were so far behind! I wish I was there. Since family camp (my favorite thing all summer) got cancelled (my church is moving to a new building and making cuts) we don't have too many plans this summer besides camping.. sooo I want to try and go back to Vancouver. We went for a pre marriage retreat and had so much fun last May. They have lots of hostels so I bet we could do it pretty cheaply, and there's a ton to do! Any married couples wanna join us?? :)

I'm getting sleepy. Have a great night!


  1. I really want to go to Vancouver! Probably can't this year though because we're going on a 3 week trip to Mexico so I don't have anymore Time off :(. But I was telling Craig I want to go bak to barnabas cause they have marriage retreats too and then do that for a weekend an then stay in Vancouver for maybe a week after or something.

    I'll be praying for those neighbors of yours. I really hope they stop smoking. I would hate that!

  2. i love your blog cailie! maybe we can go on a camping trip this summer! josh and i found a really cool camping place and want to go back!


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