Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day

So I had an unexpected 4 day weekend after the lady I nanny for today cancelled because her husband didn't have work. I cleaned our apartment top-bottom, even got the baseboards:) I love cleaning and once we have a dog I'm going to vacuumn everyday. I find it so satisfying having a see-through vacuum and dumping the dirt/dust into the trash afterwards! After cleaning I went shopping for birthday presents for my sister! It was beautiful today and I must say we've had a pretty great winter here in Oregon. My definition of great at least.. I'm the type who probably wouldn't miss the rain if it left and never came back. I like how it makes everything look though.. I'm truly a sun lover. Raining at night 3 nights a week would satisfy me and then the stars would be out the other 4 nights! That would be perfect.

I love having a birthday in August because it usually falls around a meteor shower and I almost always sleep outside. My friends and I started doing it after my birthday parties ever since like 4th grade! One more great thing about growing up on acreage with a big ol' yard. The mole holes in that big yard are a not so great thing and will be the death of my pop! I need to upload this great photo of him I snuck on my cell phone where he's standing by a mole hole with his .46 caliber "kill person gun" at his side. I have always called it that because it's such a gangster looking gun and I don't know why anyone would buy it except for killing.. I guess I'm thankful moles and raccoons are the only thing he'd ever use it on! It's a lot of fun to shoot.. has a great kick to it! I like guns if you can't tell:) Race and I should get a real one besides a .22 and air soft...

Yesterday after church Race and I have a fancy lunch at our next door neighbor and my second home- Costco. We've been looking at TVs every time we go, and yesterday Race was like wouldn't it be fun and impulsive if we just bought one?? I must say we have been very responsible and put a lot of our wedding money into rent and stuff when we wanted to get a TV right away.. we've been using Race's $30 TV off craigslist and we watch a lot of movies together.
We went back home and I started this blog and went and fed my horse and then when I got home I found that Race had been researching the TV we liked and he still wanted to go get it. It did seem impulsive for him and I liked it:) I spend money very easily and he's good for me because he researches things to death and bites his nails and looses sleep over purchases! Okay I'm totally exaggerating.. I just meant to say he's very good with money:)

He was like a little giddy kid the whole 3 minute drive and then his face dropped when we got there to find Costco closes early on Sundays and there was a nice big vacant parking lot!
He sulked back home and we watched "Land of the Lost" on our old box TV. Which was quite inappropriate at times! Have you ever seen that movie? I remember seeing Will Ferrell and dinosaurs in the commercial so I assumed it was a kids movie.. hopefully not too many parents took their innocent children to the theatre thinking the same thing! Probably a lot of the innuendos went over their little peabody heads anyways..

So we made a date to go get the TV today at 3:30 and I met Race at Costco with my truck. We had a costco cash card from my mom and sister who got us two things we had to return so that helped and then the rest was tax returns. Thanks government:) Never thought I'd be saying that..

I helped Race carry it up our 3 flights of stairs and then I left him to be manly and set it all up, and I went and saw "When in Rome" with my mom. I bought a movie the other day that came with a free ticket specifically for that movie so that was neat. I shared a giant diet coke with my mom and had to go to the bathroom twice during the movie. Embarrassing but oh so worth it. I am a diet coke addict and need to join a recovery program. I figure its not that bad.. I don't smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol so I'm okay right??? I know making excuses which probably means I have a problem and should stop justifying it!

I got several texts during the movie from my nerdy husband about the TV's specs and how amazing it was and then when I got home he made me pose by it to compare. I'm 60 inches and its 52 so I'm still bigger haha! I can't say that about many things but glad I still one up our TV! It looks pretty big in our apartment and I'm excited to try out a bluray on it (we only have 3)! We decided it didn't look nearly as big in the store surrounded by other big TVs in a huge warehouse.. but if you come over you'll laugh at how big it looks in such a small room!

Excuse my disheveled appearance but I like to be comfy when I get my Harry Potter on! I'm horrible at cheesy poses. I like taking photos better then being in them.

Well that is all. Kind of a boring post. It was exciting for us though as it was our first big purchase besides out mattress which cost a little more!
I'm hoping it is clear in the morning so I can go ride my horse before work. Yay for Wednesday and Thursday looking glorious!!

Oh and P.S. I had the maitenance man come to today to fix our sink's garbage disposal and he pulled out my 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon! I was looking for that this weekend while baking. haha!


  1. cailie! i love your blog, it's so you and it's so cute :) the only thing is..makes me miss you!


  2. haha! you're cute.

    yay for giant tvs. we got a 52" too on superbowl sunday. not actually for the superbowl though. it's prety giant and took a bit of getting used to.

    oh...and when is your birthday? i think it must be close to mine, because mine's august 12th and it always falls on a meteor shower too!

    hope you have a good day caile!

  3. What a cute blog! I feel like I'm getting a second angle on your life! Keep up the great posts :)

  4. My birthday is the 24th. August is the best! Thanks guys:)


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