Friday, March 12, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday!!

I'm joining in with my friend Lauren's blog and doing fill in the blank Friday.

Wow it's Friday!!!!! This week went by fast! Weeks go by way faster now that I'm not in school, and I appreciate weekends so much more! It's windy and cold and I'm sitting under a blanket waiting for Race to get home so we can pack and head to Corvallis. BRRR come back sunshine! Sunday it's supposed to be rainy and 66 degrees! I hate the rain but at least that sounds much warmer:)

1. The best day ever was the day I was born..because without that having happened I wouldn't be writing this! Also my wedding day and our two week honeymoon...I've had a lot of "best" days and I'm sure I have many more to come.

2. My favorite meal of the day is lunch because I'm usually not too hungry until then...I like dinner if were going out though .

3. This weekend will be fun and it's already started for me! I'm going to my college town to see some friends, babysitting, church, getting together with church friends, etc.

4. Never in my life have I had alcohol..unless you count rubbing alcohol when my dad used to rub my back with it when I was sick..or when I was like 8 and took a sip of my dad's beer! :)

5. The only thing better than sex (after marriage) is shopping (with lots to spend).

6. I could really do with a pedicure.It's been since July and my feet are gross! Plus the lady who does them misses me and told me when I got my eyebrows waxed the other day that she'd give me a free pedi so I think I just might have to take her up on it:)

7. The most recent thing I bought myself was I just got a McDonalds dollar large diet coke..and it had a free red box sticker on it so that was pretty rad! Hmm the last non food item was a book on Thailand at the library book store for a dollar !

Have a great weekend the few of you who actually read this:) Maybe I'll do a giveaway soon and get more friends...or just because I love having an excuse to buy presents! Giving gifts is my favorite thing and I have no friends with birthdays coming up..


  1. hahahaha! i love that you put that shopping is better than sex. it made me laugh out loud...seriously.

    hope you had a good weekend friend!

  2. oh i love lauren's fill in the blank! so fun mm a giant dike coke is probably my favorite drink! and lunch is the greatest meal of the day, you can have anything you want! haha!
    love your blog!


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