Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two things I love around my home

Well apartment.. hopefully I can have my own home in the not too distant future:)

To join in with bacwoodsfern blog I picked two things I love in my apartment.

These birds I got at Michaels for 50% off!

I got some for the bathroom too.
They have them in all different colors and styles. I seriously debated on which ones to get forever! I think it was $11 for the four. I of course went there intending to buy stretcher bars for a painting I want to stretch and frame and came back with these guys too. That always seems to happen!

Yesterday was great. I got so much done! I cleaned, did laundry, went to the post office, grocery shopping, made dinner, and went to my last Loving and Respecting you Husbands Bible study. I wish I was that productive everyday. Working puts a kink in things. haha!

I love cleaning. I tried out my giant cob web tool and found it to be pretty fun! I've also become an obsessive vacuumer since my hubby is ao allergic to dust! His parent's house has a lot and he always breaks out in a sneezing fit after being there and is stuffed up for a my goal is to keep this place clean and dust free for his sensitive little nose:) He tells me he gets allergies because his body is further along in the evolutionary process and has to find new things to react too. I'm fine with being behind then. I like my old fashioned allergy-free self! haha

I tried out a new recipe from my Cooking Light magazine. I've been getting it for a few months but yesterday was the first day I sat down and read it. I learned so many great tips and need to catch up on the others now! 
I made blue cheese-stuffed chicken with buffalo sauce. It was easy and good and I put it in Race's lunch since he has a fridge and microwave there. My favorite part was the breadcrumbs it called for- panko (Japanese breadcrumbs). They had several different types at Fred Meyers and I'm now hooked! Normally I've just crushed up crackers instead of buying breadcrumbs but these were worth buying and not having to spend extra time crushing!

It sure doesn't look as good as the pic in the magazine humph!


Well I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday! I need to get ready for work ay yi yi!


  1. cute birds and 4 for $11 - can't beat that!
    thanks for playing along!

  2. cailie! i love your blog! come cook for me anytime :)

  3. Thanks Mel:) It's pretty fun I'm finding.. I'll see something or do something and think hey I should blog about that! haha

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  7. Love the little birdies. Too cute.

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  11. What cute birdies and the meal looks good to me.

    Thanks for linking up with Friday Follow! I’m making my way through the list and I am now your blog follower. It is a pleasure to meet ya and have a great week!

    ~ Lynn

  12. Adorable birds. You just made me hungry.

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  13. i have one of those birds too! love them.

    also....i LOVE panko crumbs. cooking light recipes are my favorite. glad you found a good one.

    AND....i'm glad we got to have lunch today. you guys are fun :).

    hope you have a good week friend!

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