Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm so behind!

So it feels like forever since I've written anything! I've just been super busy lately! I'll catch you up better tomorrow but right now I feel like doing these-

Fill in the blank Friday.. or Sunday night..almost Monday 12am!

1. One thing I MUST do before I die is I'm going to have to copy my friend Lauren's answer with be a mom. Getting married was always my number one and now that I've found my love I can't wait to have kids with him in a few years! I watch other people's kids everyday for my job and can't wait to have my own to love on and raise! Oh and I really want to breed my horse within the next year or two as well..probably before I get preggers.

2. I would rather learn to live with less on one income so I can stay at home and raise my kids, then have more money financially and have other people raise them while I work.

3. If I could give my younger self one piece of advice it would be don't want to grow up so fast and plan everything out, enjoy whatever stage your in at that moment. It comes so much faster then you think so cherish wherever you're at!

4. If I won the lottery tomorrow I'd tithe it to my church, buy a house with lot's of land and a stable full of horses, have Race put the money into a bunch of investments, and then go travel and see the world!

5. The best surprise ever was when Race proposed. He really pulled one over on me and I didn't see it coming when I thought for sure he wouldn't be able to surprise me.

6. My biggest fault is I'm selfish. Marriage is teaching me so much about putting someone elses needs above my own and "dying to myself" everyday.

7. My biggest strength is I don't get stressed.

Now I'm going to answer some fun little questions my friend Lauren had on her blog ! She got it from Keeley's blog. Here we go-

The questions..

1. Are you more of a talker or a listener?

Talker for sure. I have to force myself to not think of what I'm going to say next when someone is talking. Gosh that's rude. I'm really trying to work on it! The best part is that I married someone who is just as talkative as me (if not more so) so it's good practice for me in listening.. and we provide great entertainment for each other and can talk for hours.

2. Bra. Underwire or wireless?

Underwire unless it's a sportsbra when I'm working out..

3. I wish I was.....?
Taller. Thinner. Had a smaller nose.
And most importantly I wish I was more Christ like.

4. The Academy Awards are on tonight..will you watch?

I didn't. Race and I went to our homegroup which was awesome and then we watched the Informant with Matt Damon. I was happy to read that the Hurt Locker did so well and that Sandra Bullock won for her performance in Blindside!

5. Do you put your deodorant on before or after you get dressed?

I guess it depends on what I'm wearing and how lazy I'm feeling. Usually before unless I think I might get streaks on my shirt.. if I'm wearing a tank top or low neck shirt I do it afterwards.

6. Would you rather do the dishes or clean toilets?

Toilets. I love a clean toilet! I like to clean it before I leave somewhere so it can sit for hours soaking up all the wonderful clean solutions!

7. How much did you weigh at birth?

7 lbs. 8 oz.
Talk about average!

8. If you could only buy one thing for the Spring/Summer season..what would it be?

Hmm I have a lot of summer probably just a new pair of jeans or black Frye boots!

Whew that's it! I'll write more about my weekend later, but I need to hit the hay!

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