Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

It has been GORGEOUS outside and it makes me soo happy! This weekend Race and I biked all over our little town which was quite fun. I rode my sweet no-gear bike that has a basket and Race was on my sister's tiny red road bike my mom got for her and she never rode it so we have it! A buisness right by us (Mentor Graphics) is on a really pretty campus that has like 5 different ponds with streams connecting them and bridges to cross them. We are both animal lovers and had fun seeing all the different types of birds! Then on Sunday we walked with my mom there and saw lots of nutria which most that I've ever seen in Oregon have been sick nasty, but these ones were little and cute without big orange teeth! I was walking Nilla (my parent's Great Pyrenees) and let her get so close to it that she tried pouncing on it! Here is Nilla-

Then Race and I went in our apartment's hot tub and then we watched the Life 2 hour premiere which was spectacular!! I love animals and nature so it's the perfect show for me:)

Yesterday I got together with my good friends Chelsea and Cassie and walked around Bridegport ("Oregon's Premier shopping center".. haha that's what it calls itself..kinda snobbish sounding..but it is kinda filled with stores I can't afford..Anthropologie is my fav) and then we got dinner and saw The Bounty Hunter. I've been seeing so many movies lately.. our Entertainment book had great Regal coupons which helps a lot! Chels and I also saw Remember Me last Thursday.. I mainly did to see Robert Pattinson:)
Here are Cass and I in Januray-

Chels and I during college taking photos in my hilarious dresses-

I love both those girls a whole lot and treasure any time I ever get to spend with them!

Today I only nannied until one and then my mom and I took the dog on a walk. We took her off the leash (it's out in the countryish area) and she ran right over to a dead deer carcass. Gross. I'm thankful that us humans don't have a desire to go see rotting animals and eat and roll in them. Maybe I should say us girls don't.. I picture a lot of guys thinking it'd be sweet to check out a dead carcass...
Then we went and got pedicures! Last time I was there getting my eyebrows waxed she told me she'd give me a free one sometime.. but then hearing about how their beautiful little place is struggling so much my mom was so kind and said "I'm treating Cailie to this." Which made me happy because I'd feel bad not paying after hearing they can barely make rent! West Linn is a pretty "yuppy" city and with 25,000 people there are 7 nail places which seems like a few too many! This place went in last April..not a good economy to start a new business and everything around them is going out of  business left and right! The pizza place I really liked is now gone too bummer! Anyways the Vietnamese girls are such hard workers and the girl I always use is so cute and going to school for fashion right now. I'm going to commit to at least getting my eyebrows done there every 5 or 6 weeks.. I would like to say I could get a pedi there that often..but at this stage in life I couldn't really justify that!:)
I wish.
Being there today made me realize how much I have to be thankful for that my hubby and I both have work and only a tad bit of school debt! We could be so much worse off and I feel very blessed.

Here are my fat, flat feet! I brought my own color (Mermaid by OPI) because I like being able to do touch-ups and make it last longer! They put my feet in hot was which was a first for me, but it left them super soft!

I just looked off our porch and snapped a photo of the purty trees-

Aren't they great?! Just beyond the parking lot is a marshy area which is super loud at night with all the frog mating going on! I love it.

Well Race and I just got done with the Tex-Mex casserole I made (I took a break to eat during writing this) and now I want to do my Jillian Michaels' workout video and then watch a movie. I just got 3 of her workout videos and they're kicking my butt! I want to get this suit from Target (from the new Liberty of London line I'm in love with) and asked Race if I could get it if I worked out 4-5 times a week for a month and he said yes! haha I always need little rewards to do stuff and to motivate me! I love bribes and things to look forward too and work towards:) I thrive off that. I wish I could just think "hey wakeboarding season is coming up and I need to get in shape" but no I think what can I get out of this?! haha if I meet my goal, I mean when I meet my goal, then maybe I can work towards a new pair of designer jeans.. :)

Have a great night everyone!!

Oh and I've really been missing my ducks I had last spring.. I'll blog about them sometime, but to make me happy here are some photos of Darkwing and Ishmael-

my sis and I lovin' on them

Our first babies:)

They loved the utility sink in the basement:)

They grow up so fast!


She was smaller but bossier!

Synchronized swimming in the kiddie pool!
Race is blindingly white. It was in May though..
He was the spiting image of his father!
ha ha

Now everyone go buy a duck! They were SUCH fun pets! We lived the dream..and want to do it again when we have kids someday:)


  1. my friend bought ducks when we were younger.. they are so much fun.

  2. wow, you have really pretty feet and toes! that green color is awesome on you. kinda hot ;)


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