Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jillian Michaels you kill me.

So as I mentioned in a post or 2 ago that I want to get in better shape...mainly to get a new bathing suit but also to get ready for wakeboarding season.

This lady has been helping me A LOT! My mom came over and did this dvd with me tonight. It's amazing how sweaty I get from it... kinda gross actually.
and this dvd

I need to try the other one I got next-

Okay please don't judge my husband but do you want to know what he said about Jillian?
He said she is a "butter face" actually "but-her-face" and it means everything about her looks good- but her face! haha I know thats mean and I'd change bods with her in a heartbeat but I see what he means in that she kinda has a manly face.. Race is really nice and never really makes comments about girls appearances so this surprised me, but go figure I guess it was something his high school friends used to say about girls! Jerks.

I've never done dvds before but they're so much fun! Part of the reason I don't like working out is how much time it takes up...but with these it's 50 minutes maximum and I don't even have to leave the living room! I've worked out 7 days in a row and lost 3 pounds so far and want to lose at least 17 more..
I don't like dieting. I like eating food and just getting better about portion sizes and moving more. I don't really like blogging about this and am usually more private about this stuff.. but I figure some people to hold me accountable would be nice and help keep me motivated:)

I'm finding that I like working out after dinner. I like having more relaxed mornings and doing this at night prevents me from eating anything afterwards because I don't want to screw up the work I just did!
I've walked/run 2 marathons and signed up for my 3rd to do in October with my mom and some church friends. I think last time we ran maybe 8 of the 26.2 miles and this time I want to run more like half of it! I hate running and really like walking fast so this is a lofty goal! haha

Well that was a boring post.. but now you know and can tell me to keep working towards that new suit Race promised me! Oh and I also have to say I have the sweetest husband in the whole world who always tells me how he loves my body the way it is and prefers me without makeup:) So I guess it's good to know I'm doing this for myself and he's not pressuring me. He's hard to live with though because he eats like a fatty and is tall and thin! No fair. I'm jealous. Maybe it'll catch up with him one day.. 

I just saw a commercial for Cirque du soleil and I want to go! I've gone to 2 in Portland before and find them so entertaining! Probably my lack of flexibility and acrobatics makes me find them so incredible. I'm getting Lady Gaga tickets this week to go with two of my buds and my sis if anyone else wants to join us in August?! She's going to be entertaining you have to agree.


Have a great night!


  1. lady gaga will be such a great concert. i don't think i'm willing to splurge on that, but i bet she puts on a good show :).

    oh...and jillian is such a hard ass. i once did a 60-minute workout she has and i wouldn't walk (unless you count hobbling like an old lady) for like 4 days! do you guys have comcast cable? if so, they have on-demand workouts (free!) and jillian michaels has her own channel. i love workout videos. especially when i'm too lazy to go to the gym. maybe we should be workout buddies....maybe weekend workout buddies though, because obviously week nights wouldn't work. maybe sunday afternoons or something. don't you usually go walking then? anyway...i have some poundage i want to lose for swimsuit season, and i need someone to keep me in check. i'm sucking at eating and working out hardcore.

    let's talk about it!

    oh...and i'll call you on saturday to figure out details about hanging out. night!

  2. but her face! HAHAHAH I'M DYING!!! that is too funny!!

    and i once made the mistake of doing one of her workouts.. i couldn't walk for days and she got me so mad while working out! haha.
    but i'm sure you'll do great!!
    i guess if i stuck with it i'm sure it would like it more!

  3. Too funny about but her face- I have to agree with him sometimes. She has moments where she looks pretty and then other moments where she's so fierce looking it's hard to look at her! =) But I could stare at her abs longingly all, that didn't sound quite right.
    I'm a fan of the evening work out for the same reasons! I'm a night time snacker and when I stopped night time snacking and ate dinner at 4 a few years back because I waitressed/bartended for 9 months- I lost 20 pounds with no other dieting (I did exercise).

  4. haha your husband is funny!

    do you like her workouts? Have you seen a difference in your body because I'm trying to find a workout or a class at a gym [which can be pricy!] to tone my abs!

  5. I totally agree with your hubby, lol. Mean but kind of true!

    I need to restart her workouts. I started to and then stopped. Very lame of me.


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