Monday, March 1, 2010

Why do I get into dumb shows?

I can't believe I did it.. but I actually got sucked in to the Bachelor this year and watched every episode I'm ashamed to admit! The past few years I'll watch like the last 2 or 3 epsiodes to see who I think I like and then who wins.
I'm just super annoyed at myself for wasting so much time on that show and watching a guy pick an easy girl who other girls and his family didn't like! I bet it won't work out..but how many relationships actually do from reality tv shows?! Here is a funny commentary breakdown of the episode if you're interested-NyDaily news  I guess I'm mainly just excited I learned how to link something:)

haha did anyone watch "Joe Millionaire?" That was the best show ever. They acted like he was really wealthy and then had all these girls come and at the end when he picked one he told her he was just an average joe with little money! That show was probably my favorite reality show ever! Does anyone else get sucked into these?!

A show I am super excited about that starts in a few Sundays is Life on Discovery. I looooved Planet Earth and own it, and it looks basically like a continuation of that. I just know it'll be my new favorite and keep me from the temptation of watching Allie as the new Bachelorette:)

I have no work tomorrow so I'm planning on being super productive! I get frustrated with nannying because people don't think of it as a real job I guess and don't pay me when they cancel (some do thankfully).. do they not realize I'm out the money?! Especially on short notice. I should just join a nanny service and get consistency and benefits! Oh well someday it won't matter so much when Race is full time and making more money.. but right now at this stage in our lives we both need to be working and it hurts when I'm out a day!

Okay venting is over. Sorry about that:)

So tomorrow my goals are: I want to clean. read, bake, cook and if its not raining ride my horse! Then I have my final "Loving your Husband" Bible study tomorrow night. We'll see how much I can accomplish but my goals are set high with hopes of achieving all of them!

We had a fun weekend and I got to see friends, have a date with Race, and make some extra mulah watching my favorite boys:)
 Earlier tonight I went to Paradise Bakery with my mom and then we met my friend Amanda to see the movie The Young Victoria. It was super good and I don't know why it was playing in so few theatres? It makes me want to go back to that time period and wear big dresses and dance in balls!
Last night Race and I watched Pride and Prejudice (the short one) and it put me in the go-back-in-time-mood as well. Will someone please invent a time machine already?! Honestly I don't know if I could handle it though with the lack of sanitation and cleanliness.. if I didn't live in the 21st century and wasn't so used to bathing everyday it might be different! But since I know how good I have it and how much I like being clean and how I can shave, scrub, clip, wax, and tweeze whenever I want, I might not like it.

Alright I'm tired. I need to start postin pictures. Probably why no one reads this or comments haha! It'll be easier when I have an iphone someday.. but I really need to start carrying my camera around to make this more interesting!


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  1. haha you're cute! I love reading your blog posts :) Keep up the good work!


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