Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rain, rain go awwwwwway!

So I don't really have anything to talk about. Anything planned to talk about that is.. I always manage to find stuff to say!

So I think I got totally spoiled with the sun and warm weather the past two weeks because now the rain is back and its brought the cold with it:( Just when flowers started popping up everywhere too! It makes nannying not as fun because we can't go outside as much. I'm excited for this summer to go to parks and swim with kids like everyday! A bunch of my fams are members at club sport and the Oregon golf club so I'm sure I'll spend lots of time there:)

Yesterday I helped my mom pick out baby chicks and my parents have 16 adorable new fluffers! I'll take pictures this weekend I promise. I had my mom get 3 chickens that are going to look like this-
Isn't it cute?!

The barn I was at had these type of chickens-

They cracked me up and were never this white or clean:)

I don't feel like writing very much after working a long day for 3 different jobs (all nannying though).. so I'm going to post pictures!

These little guys were digging the parfaits we got at good ol' MickeyD's last week!

Then we hit up the park before I took them to preschool. I love it when kids learn to pump. I hate it when I give them one "underdog" and then they want like 30 more! It gets tiring. Today I played basketball and jump roped with the kids I was watching.. I like getting exercise while's the best!

This was quite possibly the cutest dog I've ever seen! I waited for the owner to come out of the farm store (Coastal) forever (to find out what he was mixed with besides pug) and was trying to get cute pics, but he was trying to stay focused on waiting for his mom to come out of the store. I was looking at his collar to see if I could find his name when a lady from the hair salon next store came out and started petting him with me. I started making small talk with her and asked if she'd seen the owners because I wanted to ask what type of mix he was.. I commented on how cute he was and how he was shivering and was wondering if it was because he was cold or nervous?.. anyways it took forever for the lady to come out so I wandered into Michaels which is right by the hair salon and the farm store.
My mom called me so I was on the phone and I looked out of Michaels window and saw the lady and her two kids finally coming out to get their dog so I walked out towards them. At the same time the hair stylist lady somes out (her back is to me) and says "I was watching your dog for you, there was a girl out here who was going to steal him and was asking me where the owners were so I came to scare her off! You know you can bring him in Coastal with you next time.."
meanwhile I walk up and she goes back in her hair salon. It cracked me up that she portrayed me as trying to steal this dog and she was its noble savior! haha people! The lady was really nice and answered all my questions about her cute dog:)

These are some branches I snatched from a pretty tree outside of our apartment! The hail and rain is probably killing the other flowers right now so I'm glad I saved these guys a few days ago. Although I don't know if it would be considered saving them since I cut them off essentially killing them in the long run..

Race and I got a love sac off craigslist! And we love it! So comfy..and clean, don't worry I washed the cover right away. It is pretty big but I've wanted one since I was like 15 so my dream finally came true! Our living room is kinda awkward in this apartment so this is a nice portable solution for more seating. I'm sitting in it right now and am going to for my shows starting in 7 minutes!

I got this bird cage and flowers the other day for dirt cheap. I don't know if it's weird to cage flowers? I think it works. They were naughty flowers and this is their punishment!

Well that was a very random post, but it had been a few days and this is what I came up with!
I have a fun weekend coming up, we are going to our college town to see some friends and I'll try and take pictures.
Have a great night!

Oh and p.s. check out this sweet blog and the awesome giveaway they're doing!

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  1. this makes me smile! can't wait to catch up this weekend! :)


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